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Hey there~ I'm Sue. I like Nerf guns, juggling, frappuccinos, cats, brushing my teeth, writing, playing rugby, food, music, playing video games, and One Direction.


Part 1. Chapter 1.

“Yeah, Liz… I’m just running a little late… I’ll be there soon,” Logan said through the phone. The truth was, she didn’t want to go on this blind date. After waiting for a taxicab in the pouring rain, Logan gave up and decided to take the tube instead. She went down the stairs and stood on the platform, regretting the fact that she had not brought an umbrella and her clothes sticking to her body, not to mention her chin-length bob of hair dripped to add to all this. She did her best to squeeze out as much water from her clothes and hair as possible, but it didn’t work very well.

A subway whisked by her to create breeze and came to a screeching halt. A pack of people bumbled out and Logan made her way in. She was surprised to find that it was nearly empty and she took a seat. She sat and took out a container with homemade Congo bars she had made the night before but didn’t have a chance to taste. Plus she hadn’t eaten all day, so she gobbled down one and felt some relief.

“Er… Excuse me,” someone said from across. She looked up, hoping it wasn’t not one of those people who are totally against food and drinks on public transport. ‘Please not today,’ she thought to herself.

The man looked familiar. Very familiar. She knew she had never met him in person or anything, yet when she looked up, she knew she had seen him from somewhere.

“Would you like one?” she asked politely. He nodded and gave her a big grin. She patted the seat next to her, a universal gesture to show him to sit next to her.

As he was walking over, she just kept thinking where she’d seen him before.

‘Supernatural? House?’ she thought. After a bit, she just waved it off.

“Here you go,” she said quietly as she placed the container on her lap for better access.

He took one and took a bite. He chewed and swallowed.

“This is delicious!” he exclaimed, pointing to the Congo bar in his hand. Some people looked over, and Logan blushed.

Many Congo bars and three stops later, the subway stopped to Logan’s stop.

“Here, have the rest,” she said and left him with the rest.

She walked out and sprinted out the exit. She sprinted down the street to the restaurant her blind date was waiting at. Her friend, Liz, was waiting outside the door.

“Miss Sloan… Your Prince Charming awaits,” Liz teased and escorted her inside the dimly lit restaurant. By now, Logan was somewhat dry, but still wasn’t presentable.

“Zeke, meet Logan. Logan, Zeke. Have fun you two… But not too much fun,” Liz said before walking away from the booth. Zeke gave Logan a smirk as she slid into her seat.

“Why hello, Logan. May I take the moment to say that your breasts are both equally awesome,” Zeke said.

“Okay…” Logan mustered out, giving her ‘date’ a strange look.

“So I heard you’re American. I love American girls,” Zeke said.

“My sister used to too… She actually had a few in her room way back when,” Logan responded half-heartedly, looking at the menu.

“Will you introduce them to me sometime?” Zeke asked, obviously not getting the joke.

“Sure… They are real… dolls,” Logan answered.

The waitress came by to take the orders.

“We’ll have two fish and chips and two cokes. Oh, and here’s my number for later,” Zeke said and put a piece of paper he’d just scribbled on in her apron pocket. The waitress rolled her eyes and left.

Zeke went on to talk about a movie he had recently watched. Logan nodded occasionally, but her eyes wandered off to see that at the booth across, sat the man whom she had shared her Congo bars with. She noticed that he had a bouquet of flowers in his lap and an empty container, which once held the Congo bars, were placed next to him. The two looked at each other and smiled.

“So what do you do for a living?” Zeke asked, Logan looked back at Zeke.

“I’m a general surgeon,” she answered.

“Boring!” Zeke interjected.

Logan ignored the comment.

“What do you do?” she asked.

“I work at the Gap,” Zeke announced proudly.

Zeke checked the time with his phone before asking another question.

“Any sports you like?” he asked.

“Yeah, rugby,” Logan answered.

“Oh, yeah? I used to play rugby.”

“Me too! I was the only girl on my team. What position did you play?”

“Erm… Quarterback.”

Logan couldn’t help herself, but to let out a small chuckle at the response.

“I was the hooker,” she said.

“How much did you charge? How about we go back to my place for some fun?” Zeke suggested.

That was when it began. Before she could reply, Logan heard a loud crash followed by an ear-piercing scream.

Sorry about taking so long to post… New pet peeve: having to stay at a hospital ward with horrible wi-fi… Grr…

Anyway, any comments? Feel free to shoot me a message! 

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New Fic!

Okay… So I’ve been working on this for a while now but due to some personal issues, the posting of this fic kept getting delayed.

It’s a Doctor Who/One Direction/Future/OC fic. If it sparks your interest, I’ll be more than happy to continue it after this chapter.

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Writing and listening to Jake&#8217;s music&#8230; ^.^

Writing and listening to Jake’s music… ^.^

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Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

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Thank You.

I’d like to take this moment to thank anyone who had submitted requests, liked/reblogged preferences, submitted feedback, followed me, and of course, read my writing. You guys are amazing!

It’s you guys who requested the past 25 preferences. (I’m just the writer.) Hopefully, I’ll be fortunate to write many more.

Thank you for everything.xx

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Preference #25- You get in a car accident. (Request)

Louis: You were driving Louis to the studio this morning. “Why can’t I drive?” Louis whines playfully. “Do you want more penalty points?” you tease. He sulks and looks out the window. You stop at a stop sign when suddenly a car crashes into your side of the car. “Oh my God!” is the last thing you hear before you’re knocked unconscious. The next thing you know, you’ve wakened in a hospital room. “Louis?” you croak. “[y/n]! You’re alive!” he shouts before hugging you. “Ow!” you scream. “Oops! Sorry about that… How about a kiss instead?” he asks. “Sure… But what happened?” you ask. “Erm… A guy who was texting his girlfriend crashed into your car,” he explains. You nod, but your neck is really sore. You end up lying back on the bed and find that one of your legs has a cast on it while your one of your arms is has bruises hiking up to your sleeves. You moan out in pain and Louis laughs. “I know what else can make you moan…” he tells you and winks.

Liam: ”Fuck!” is the only thing you shout before you’ve realized your mistake. Your car hadn’t been functioning as well as it had in its prime. While driving to the auto shop to get your car checked, you accidentally crash into the car in front of you, due to faulty brakes. You get out of the car, internally panicking. You see the guy in front of your car get out. “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” you plead as you walk over. “[y/n]?” you look up and see Liam smiling down at you. “What the…” you mutter before looking to see that you’ve crashed into Liam’s car and thankfully, there wasn’t much damage. “Are you alright?” Liam asks worriedly. You nod. “Are you okay? I’m sorry I crashed into your car… Should we exchange insurance information?” you say. Liam only laughs and when he drives up a bit, you see that there’s only a small dent in the bumper. “[y/n], I think it might be a good idea to get your car looked at…” Liam says. You agree and he kisses your cheek.

Zayn is on tour and after weeks of not seeing him, he had finally managed to make time for a video chat session. “Hey!” he greets you. “Hi Zayn!” you greet back. You raise your arm in a waving motion out of habit, but you’ve unfortunately forgotten about the cast on it. “Oh my God! What happened? Are you okay?” he shouts. You realize your mistake and sigh before explaining. “I may have gotten into a minor car accident,” you say. “What?” he asks. “But don’t worry… I’m okay, the guy who crashed into my car is okay, but the only casualty was a cat…” you let him know. “He killed a cat!” he exclaims. You nod again. “When I get my hands on-“ he begins, but you cut him off. “Zayn, please don’t get violent about this. It was just an accident. We can’t really do anything about it now,” you say sadly. “Well, I guess you’re right, [y/n],” he says quietly and gives you a weak smile. “I hope I get back home in time to sign your cast!” he says.

Niall: You blink a few times, hoping that everything that had happened was a dream, but it wasn’t. You look around the room. The uncomfortable mattress is hurting your back and you’re wearing light-blue clothes that you swear you weren’t wearing when you left the house. You look to your left and see Niall sleeping on the couch. You sigh and try to recollect what had happened. All you remember is driving to work and then the world going black. “Princess, you up?” Niall whispers carefully. “Uh-huh,” you answer. He comes to your bed and you can tell by his face that he’d been crying. “Princess, are you okay?” he asks. “Yeah… But is… Is our little one okay?” you ask, putting a hand over your stomach. He shakes his head. “I’m sorry,” you whisper softly before crying. “Don’t worry, Princess… It’s not your fault. I’m just glad you’re alright…” he says before crying as well. After a while, you and Niall are just numb and there is a silence between you two. “Ms. [y/n], I’m just here to tell you that we have to perform a dilation and curettage soon. We’ll provide the forms later,” a nurse says as she pokes her head through the door. “What happened?” you ask Niall hoarsely once the nurse leaves. “Princess, a car crashed into your car… a-and…” he says but his voice trails off as he cries and you hug him. You let your tears fall silently and feel Niall tremble in your arms. The night is bright with the city lights but your hospital room is clouded with sorrow. A small side lamp next to your bed struggles to give light through the darkness. You move over on your bed and make room for Niall. He lays down and holds your hand. “Everything’s going to be alright…” he tells you and strokes your hair.

Harry: Harry is sitting on a bench, waiting for you. He asked you this morning whilst you were at work to come see you at the park near your house after work. “Harry? Harry Styles?” a female voice asks. “Yeah?” Harry asks. “This is [y/n]’s mother… Will you come to the hospital?” she asks in a flat tone. “Erm… Sure…” he says and puts his phone in his pocket. He reaches into the other pocket to make sure it has everything he left the house with in it and runs to his car. He sighs and tells himself over and over that you’re fine as he drives, but something about the air today doesn’t taste right. After asking the receptionist, he rushes to where your family is in the hallway near your room. “Harry… [y/n] didn’t make it!” your mother cries as she begins to cry again. Harry lets a few tears slide down his cheeks and shoves a hand in his pocket. “No…” he whispers to himself before barging into the 
hospital room. He sees a body laying on the bed ready to be rolled out. Your body. Then, he watches as the nurse places a white sheet over your body and wheels it out with a doctor. “What happened?” he asks the doctor. “[y/n]? She was hit by a truck,” the doctor replies monotonously and follows the nurse out the door. “I’m so sorry I asked to see you, [y/n],” he whispers. He bids farewell to your family and leaves. He watches as the days you can’t experience anymore pass mercilessly and goes to your funeral. He sits in the back quietly, his folded hands in his lap. When the funeral is over, he goes to your grave alone. He’s wearing the black suit you once told him that he looked handsome in. He bows his head and freely lets his tears. “I-I asked you to see me th-that day to give you th-this…” he cries as he sticks his hand in his left pant pocket to take out a small blue box. He wipes his tears before opening the box and takes a ring out of it. He caresses the ring in his hand and kisses it. He puts it back in the opened ring box and gently places it at the left-hand side of your gravestone. He stands up and reads the gravestone over and over. A gust of wind whistles by and the sudden wind makes him shudder. “Thank you for teaching me what love is, [y/n],” Harry quietly whispers before leaving.

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Preference #24- He’s your best friend and he comforts you after a break up. (Request)

Louis: “Louis, he broke up with me,” you croak into the phone when Louis asks you about your boyfriend. “What? When did this happen?” he asks. “Today…” you say and hang up. You proceed to hurl the phone across the room and curl up in a fetal position on your bed. Then, you cry. “Well, it’s about time he broke up with you. You deserve someone better,” you hear Louis’ voice say. You turn and face him. “Louis? Who let you in?” you say. “No one,” he replies. “It’s like one of those cheesy Disney TV shows, where the best friend just walks in whenever he feels like, yeah?” Louis jokes. You manage to laugh a bit. “I brought chick-flicks. Care to watch with me?” he asks. You get off the bed and hug your best friend. “Come on, Boo Bear, we have chick-flicks to watch,” you say as you grab his hand and take him to your living room. 

Liam: “He cheated on me and got another girl pregnant… How am I supposed to just act as if nothing happened?” you ask amidst sobs. “You did the right thing…” Liam assures you firmly. “It wasn’t right of him to do what to you,” he says. You continue to cry and he rummages his pockets for a tissue. When he finds it, he wipes your tears for you. “I know it may be hard now, but I know you can get through this,” Liam tells you. “Thanks Liam…” you say as you sniffle. “Now come on, let’s go get some ice cream!” he says.

Zayn: “That stupid prick!” you scream and barge into Zayn’s room. “Why hello. I’m fine, thank you for asking,” Zayn teases. “Oh, well hello Mr. Malik. How are you this fine afternoon? Happy?” you say sarcastically. “[y/n]… What’s wrong?” Zayn asks. “We… we broke up,” you mutter quietly. It takes him a while before he gets what you’re talking about. “I’m sorry,” he whispers and you break out into a fit of sobs. You lie face down on his bed and cry into his pillow. Just then, you feel a hand rubbing circles on your back. “Shh… Don’t cry…” he whispers. Once you’ve calmed down, you sit up. “Thanks dude,” you say and sit up. “I don’t really want to talk about it right now… I just want to play Assassin’s Creed and eat cookie dough,” you say. “Alright,” Zayn says as he goes down the stairs. You bury your head in his pillow again and lay there. A few minutes later, you hear Zayn’s footsteps in the hallway. “[y/n], ready to kick some templar butt?” Zayn asks playfully. You sit up again to see that Zayn has a tub of cookie dough in his arms. You and Zayn go to his living room and you find that he has the game all set up. Once you and Zayn sit down together on the sofa, you hug him. “Thank you,” you whisper appreciatively.

Niall: You sit on your bed, occasionally letting out tears as you sip a bottle of beer. “That fucking dick…” you say to the bottle. “Are you talking to me?” you look to the door, to see Niall standing there with a smirk. “No, not you. My boyfriend, I mean, my ex-boyfriend, broke up with me,” you explain. Niall comes over and sits next to you. “Why?” he asks. “He thought that we weren’t taking things fast enough,” you say. “I feel like everything is my fault…” you mutter. “No! No! Don’t say things like that! If anything, it was his fault,” Niall tells you. But you end up crying. He lends you a shoulder to cry on. He takes a sip out of the bottle of beer and rubs circles on your back.

Harry: “Harry, how would you react if a girl tells you they love you?” you ask Harry. “I don’t know… Probably tell her I feel the same way, if I mean it,” he answers. You sigh and look at the night scene. The bench you’re sitting on suddenly feels cold against your butt. “Haz, I broke up with my boyfriend… I guess now my ex,” you say. Harry is silent and you feel the seconds tick on your watch. “[y/n], you’re crying,” Harry notes. “What?” you croak as you wipe a tear. “Are you alright?” he asks slowly. “No…” you reply. “Just let the tears out… It’s better to cry it out than hold it in,” he tells you. You break out into tears. “I’m… sorry,” you say through sobs. “Don’t be. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t in the position to love you back,” he says.

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